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Common name Brand name Active matter
Air-Cooler Cleaner RXSOL ACC 009 RX ACTIVE MATTER 94%
is a highly concentrated organic emulsion cleaner. Renders surfaces oil-repellent. Maintains and stabilizes air cooler efficiency at maximum. Saves time, maintenance costs and avoids risks of damage when dismantiling. No harmful effects on engine. Product in water solution is non-flammable and non-explosive. It can also be used for removal of light carbon from machinery parts.

APPLICATION:  For effective cleaning of air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbochargers of diesel engines.

DOSE:  Depending upon contamination 1-10% with fresh water.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
All Purpose Cleaner RXSOL 501 ACTIVE MATTER 58-65%
is a superior & powerful alkaline buffer cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of metals. It is a low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soiled & oily matter with good foaming qualitites. It is free from hydrocarbon solvents, bio-degradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel while handling materials. Can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing and may be applied by brush, handspray, high and low pressure washing machines etc. Leave

APPLICATION:  For cleaning engine parts like fuel and lube oil filters, injection nozzles, pump parts, inlet and exhaut valves and cleaning of hard surfaces, such as decks, tanks, engine-rooms, etc.

DOSE:  Depending on contamination 50-200 ml per 10 litres of water. i.e. 200 mol to a bucket of water

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Hand Cleaner RXSOL 1001 ACTIVE MATTER 100%
RXSOL 1001 isa milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a better substitute to petrorleum products & caustic based detergetns which drain the boidy oil

APPLICATION:  It is massaged on to the soiled / greased skin without the use of water. The skin should then either be rinsed with clena water or wiped thoroughly with towel / tissue paper. Ideal for personnel working in metal and chemical Industries, oil fields, ship maintenance, garages and machine shopts. It removes even the most stubborn grease and grime thoroughly yet gently.

DOSE:  2 to 5 grams NOTE:  Avoid contact with wounded skin

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Common name Brand name Active matter
Bilgo Clean RXSOL BC 1002 ACTIVE MATTER 81-85%
RXSOL BC 1002 is a powerful degreaser for engine rooms and fuel cargo tanks. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy.

APPLICATION:  It is highly recommended for heavy duty degreasing action.

DOSE:  Depending on contamination 5-25% with fresh water

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
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