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Common name Brand name Active matter
Fuel Oil treatment RXSOL FOT 7001 ACTIVE MATTER 93-98%
RXSOL-FOT- 7001 is a pre-combustion conditioning treatment for residual fuel oils.

APPLICATION:  Rxsol FOT 7001 prevents and disperses sludge, stops stratification of fuel in tanks, breaks water-in-oil emulsions and gives a better separation of water and sediments from oil. It provides a more homogeneous fuel for combustion. Vessels bunker lines remain cleaner and filter blockages are reduced or prevented. Centrifugal water and contaminant separation is made more efficient and all system components stay cleaner

DOSE:  : Ideally, Rxsol FOT 7001 should be dosed directly into the bunker tank prior to bunkering. However, it can be introduced to the settling tank or during transfer from storage. Dosage rates are best determined from the results of fuel analysis

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Common name Brand name Active matter
Dual Purpose Plus RXSOL DPP 7002 ACTIVE MATTER 95 -98%
RXSOL-DPP- 7002, Dual Purpose Plus is a concentrated combustion improver for heavy fuel oils. It also has fuel conditioning properties

APPLICATION:  : Anti-polymerisation agents inhibit sludge formation, while dispersants stabilise the fuel. This results in a cleaner fuel system and better fuel flow, giving improved fuel atomisation and greater combustion efficiency

DOSE:  is completely oil-soluble and should be added via a metering pump into the suction side of the booster pump. Alternatively, it can be added into the settling tank. If so, the dose rate should be increased by 10%. As a general guide, the average dosage should be 1:4000. Alterations can then be made according to operating experience and results obtained

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Common name Brand name Active matter
Fuel Emulsion Breaker RXSOL FEB 7003 ACTIVE MATTER 83 - 88%
- FEB - 7003, rapidly breaks water-in-oil emulsions in all grades of fuel. It assists water removal in the settling tank and fuel centrifuges

APPLICATION:  : breaks water-in-oil emulsions by lowering the surface tension between the two phases. It is insoluble in water and remains effective even after the water has been removed. Powerful dispersants combat existing sludge formations while homogenising the fuel to prevent new sludge from being formed.

DOSE:  Dose into the bunker tank prior to, or during bunkering. Allow the product to mix well with the fuel .

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Common name Brand name Active matter
RXSOL-Diesel- 7004 is a multi-functional fuel treatment containing combustion catalysts and ash modifiers. It is intended for use in diesel engines and boilers burning residual fuels

APPLICATION:  : For Carbon residue formation during combustion is inhibited by catalysts that lower the ignition temperature of heavy asphalt particles. The combustion time is consequently increased, leading to a reduction of tarry deposits and carbonaceous fire scale

DOSE:  For best results, Dieselite should be dosed automatically using a metering pump to dose into the fuel feed line as near to the injector or burner pump as possible

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