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Common name Brand name Active matter
High Pressure Wash RXSOL HP 3005 ACTIVE MATTER 58-62%
RXSOL HP 3005 is special type of cleaner specifically formulated for use with high pressure advanced technology cleaning machines. Compatible with most painted surfaces and dries leaving a good shine.

APPLICATION:  Quickly dissolves and removes grease and dirt deposits after emulsification. Economical - dilute for most cleanign needs.

DOSE:  Dilute 0.3 to 5% of solution with fresh water. NOTE:  Bio-degradable and eliminates the need to buy and stock duplicate products because of its effectiveness in all areas.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Ultrasonic Cleaner RXSOL US 3006 ACTIVE MATTER 33-35%
RXSOL US 3006 is specially developed for ultrasonic cleaning applications. It is free from hydrocarbon solvents, bio-degradable and safe in handling. Compatible for use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks & oily-water separators.

APPLICATION:  Suitable for cleaning engine components like fuel and lube oil filters, injection nozzles, pump components, inlet and exhaust valves etc.

DOSE:  Refer to technical datasheet. NOTE:  RXSOL US 3006 is a balanced formulation of non-ionic detergent and thickening agents which makes excellent for use with all types of metals.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Dish Wash RXSOL DW 3007 ACTIVE MATTER 78-83%
RXSOL DW 3007 is hihgly concnetrated all purpose bio-degradable degreaser containing wetting agents and alkaline materials which acts as a strong cleaning agent & yet gentle to the skin

APPLICATION:  Suitable for cleanign dishes and exhaust gas deposists. Excellent for sinks, basins, shower tubs etc.

DOSE:  When using the product directly on the sponge, dilute 1 part concentrte with 3 parts water. While filling the sink with water add small amount i.e 1% - 50%

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs        View More Details >>
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