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Common name Brand name Active matter
Descaling Liquid/Powder RXSOL DC / SA 1008 ACTIVE MATTER 93-95%
RXSOL DC / SA 1008 is a superior, heavy duty, concentrated acid solution containing accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors & wetting agents. Spedcifically formulated to remove rust and water scale buildup from boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection systems etc. Highly effective on heating.
Classification: Liquid -RXSOL DC 1008
Powder - RXSOL SA 1008

APPLICATION:  Boilers, calorifiers, heat exchangers, diesel engine cooling system, cndensers, evaporators & other types of equipment where rust & scale form.

DOSE:  Depending upon contamination 10 to 40% with fresh water

PACKAGING: Liquid - 25 ltrs
Powder - 25 kg        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Electrosol RXSOL MC 1009 B ACTIVE MATTER 95-98%
RXSOL MC 1009 is a well balanced blend of non-chlorinated degresol (having super degreasing power) with surfactants. Its rapid evaporation rate enables it to be used for cleaning and degreasign of electrical equipment, motor windings etc.
Electrosol QD (Quick Dry)
Electrosol NF (Non-Flammable)
Electrosol PLUS

APPLICATION:  For cleaning of electrical parts. It must be applied concentrated.

DOSE:  Apply in concentrated form

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Grafitti cleaner RXSOL GC 1010 ACTIVE MATTER 52-62%
RXSOL GC 1010 An effective mixture of cleansing paste. Excellent for use on any hard surface. Simply apply to surface, allow to stand, and finally wash with RXSOL SB 1006.

APPLICATION:  For the removal of unsightly grafitti, obscenities or other marking from marble, bricks, terrazzo, metals etc.
PROCEDURE: Apply to surface, allow to stand for several minutes, agitate and wash with RXSOL SB 1006. (Degreaser Liquid Alkaline).

DOSE:  Apply concentrated and rinse with RXSOL SB 1006 (Degreaser Liquid Alkaline)

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Metalic Brightener RXSOL MB 1011 ACTIVE MATTER 83-88%
RXSOL MB 1011 isa superior heavy duty nd highly concentrated liquid blend of surfactants & organic compounds containing rust penetrating agents, solubilizer and inhibitors. Acts as rust proofing agent before the application of paint or coatings. It is non-flammable. Prevents further rusting. Economical and cost effective.

APPLICATION:  Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stains from brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, wood and ceramic surfaces. Also acts as a surface brightener.

DOSE:  It should be applied in full concentration for heavy stains, or diluted with 20-50% with fresh water for light stains.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
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