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Common name Brand name Active matter
Oil Spill Dispersant RXSOL OD 1012 ACTIVE MATTER 66-73%
RXSOL OD 1012 is a bio-degradable water based product with excellent efficiency and low toxicity with superior penetration. This product is specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place.

APPLICATION:  Oil spills at sea, harbours, beaches, or on land. Can also be used in industries.

DOSE:  1 litre of RXSOL OD 1012 is enough to treat approx 20-30 sq metres of dispersed oil.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Paint Remover RXSOL MPC 1013 ACTIVE MATTER 100%
RXSOL MPC 1013 is a excellent product for removal of paint from tough painted surfaces. Useful in the maintenance of all types of Industrial plants and in the marine industry.

APPLICATION:  To remove paint, varnish, lacquer, baked enamel, shellac, and epoxy from all metallic surfaces. Particularly useful in the shipping industry, workshop and garages. Reduces down time & maintenances costs.

DOSE:  Must be applied in its concentrated state. Quantity to be applied varies according to the degree of deposition on the surface NOTE:  RXSOL MPC 1013 is particularly used in aircraft industry because of its non-reactivity with aluminium, copper, brass and their alloys.

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
Rig Wash RXSOL RW 1014 (Liquid/Powder) ACTIVE MATTER 58-60%
RXSOL RW1014 is a heavy duty water based cleaner for use with high pressure cleanign machines. Ideal for difficult cleaning problems faced in Industrial and other plants.

APPLICATION:  For use in tank cleaning or general degreasin of engine rooms, cargo holds, refrigerated rooms etc. It can be used with either hard or soft water.

DOSE:  20- 50 % with fresh water. Also acts as an acid-neutralizing agent for Boiler & Cooling systems during cleaning & maintenance. NOTE:  FREE FROM CAUSTIC. Also available in Powder form RXSOL RWP 1014

PACKAGING: Liquid - 25ltrs, 210 ltrs
Powder - 25 kg, 50 kg        View More Details >>
Common name Brand name Active matter
RXSOL T 300 is a multi-prupose heavyduty cleaning soap solution used as a common dirt remover in residential, commercial and industrial cleanign processes.

APPLICATION:  Universal Cleaner for homes, institutes, plant and machinery. Compatible with all types of surfaces.

NOTE:  RXSOL T 300 has a long non-polar hydrocarbon chain and a highly polar group at the end of the molecule thus having a cleaning power better than ordinary soap. For its functional group and details plea

PACKAGING: 25 ltrs, 210 ltrs        View More Details >>
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