Images Title SKUsort ascending Categories Product Short Description
Alt Silica Gel White 1 Kg Bag RXSOL-95-6014-001 Medicine-95 Silica gel is a desiccant which absorbs moisture and is included in the packaging of many products s
Alt Glyceryl Mono Stearate RXSOL-95-1257-025 Medicine-95 Creamish powder
Alt Formalin RXSOL-95-1191-025 Medicine-95 organic compound containing a terminal carbonyl group. It is a colorless.
Alt Degreaser Liquid Eco Wash RXSOL-94-9422-025 Agriculture-94 Engine room and deck cleaning and degreasing chemical which is very effective to dissolve oil grease
Alt Degreaser Powder RXSOL-94-9421-025 Degreaser-10 High foamDegreaser containing sodium carbonate, silicate of soda,and surfactants.
Alt Pesticide Mala ULV 96 RXSOL-94-9403-025 Agriculture-94 Pesti Mala ULV 96 is broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide and acaricide (used to kill ticks
Alt Pesticides Malathion RXSOL-94-9402-250 Agriculture-94 Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide.
Alt Pesticides Fenitrothion RXSOL-94-9401-250 Agriculture-94 Fenitrothion is a brownish-yellow oil. Used as a selective acaricide
Alt Potassium Sulfate RXSOL-94-6133-025 Agriculture-94 Potassium sulphate is white crystalline salt.
Alt RXSOL ORG 93 RXSOL-94-4163-025 Railway Maintenance-35 All-Purpose Cleaner For Masonry & Brick work.