Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Coal Based Activated Carbon XP 900 RXSOL-26-3107-051 Carbon Coal Charcoal-26 Coal Based Activated Carbon XP
Alt G Salt Glauber Salt RXSOL-19-1779-050 Drilling Fluids & Mud Oil Field chemicals-81 Glaubers Salt
Alt Tinopal RX RXSOL-12-1778-025 Detergent & Soap-12 Fluorescent Whitening Agent for incorporation in detergents.
Alt Colour Speckles RXSOL-12-8531-029 Detergent & Soap-12 Colour speckles invention relates to non-bleeding and quick colour releasing coloured speckles for u
Alt Colour Green RX RXSOL-12-8531-028 Detergent & Soap-12 Green Colour
Alt Colour Yellow RX RXSOL-12-8531-027 Detergent & Soap-12 Yellow Colour
Alt Colour Blue RX RXSOL-12-8531-026 Detergent & Soap-12 Blue Colour
Alt Lemon Fragrance RXSOL-12-1777-025 Detergent & Soap-12 Lemon Fragrance for Bathing Soap and Detergent
Alt Soap Base Natural RXSOL-12-1773-025 Detergent & Soap-12 The Natural soap base is 100% all natural and is, SLS free, detergent free, paraben free, alcohol fr
Alt China Clay Powder for Soap Detergent RXSOL-12-1772-025 Detergent & Soap-12 China Clay is a Hydrated Aluminum Silicate and Chemically China Clay