About Chemical Manufacturing and Supplying

Company Profile :

RX Marine was established in 1996 in Mumbai, India; as a chemical manufacturing company catering exclusively to the needs of the marine industry. In a short span of 12 years the company has established itself as one of the leading wholesale suppliers of a wide range of chemicals for - Marine industry internationally - and other local industires and plants. Our client list bears testimony to this. The RXSOL policy has its foundations on two pillars of strength - a continuous investment in research and development to deliver premium quality products and a commitment to service.
RXSOL brand have its own manufacturing strength .Our inhouse professional knowledge acquired in many years of passionate work in this field gives us opportunity to add in our company policy is to provivide full concntrated strength of products to minimize packaging and transportation cost to our end users. Our more then 15 intrnational business partner technicaly collaborated and given us chance to manufactured the pioneer of the prestigious RXSOL BRAND marine chemicals.

We offer a wide range of chemical products
-> Maintenance
-> Tank cleaning
-> Water treatment chemicals and more....
We are commited to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards.

Operative Areas

We are presently operative in all the seaports of India and have recently established our offices at the Fujairah Free Zone to cater for the requirements of all vessels calling at the UAE ports
About Rx Marine Flag:-in rxmarine international flag there are 3 mean basic color Red, yellow and blue.Red and yellow color use to indicate our brand and blue color is reffer to indicate the nature of our comapny that we are releated to the marine industry and symobl around in circle there is our brand name RXSOL in its centre with our website www.rxmarine.com there four alphabet include in it NEWS which is help to indicate that we have services into the all direcation of the world sea port even its east either west north either south and other 6 symbol as given below :-
Chemical Manufacturers
We are the largest manufacturers Asia of the marine chemical we are manufacturing tankcleaning, maintance, rig,and house hold Product our RXSOL Brand is very famouse world wide for its good quility and better result
Chemical Research
We offer a wide range of marine chemical products to include maintenance, tank cleaning and water treatment , fuel oil treatment , swimming pool chemicals. We are commited to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards.
Chemical Development
we are always try to improve the qulitiy of our product to get more effective result with new changes in our brand which help to get more saticafication to our custumer
Marine Services
We are privideing the million tons of marine chemical to marine industry in all the ports of INDIA and U.A.E. and also help them to get more benifit with our verious product offe
Custumer Relationship
Our aim is to provide solutions not just products, to provide the basis for strong relationships to support our customers with our experience and technical know-how.This website is one example of our ongoing comittment to improving our customer service through the use of new technology. You now have access to information 24/7.  we'll always recognize you for the individual that you are. We promise to deliver genuine service, focused on your chemical world needs
Serve senior citizen and poor people
Rxmarine International Company also help Senior Citizen and other helping people offers a number of programs directed at facilitating an indepent lifestyle for county residents, aged 60 or older, and provides information on other benefits for which seniors may qualify.