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Product Short Description: pH control and water softening ability. Potassium dichromate is added to antifreeze-antiboil as a corrosion inhibitor. The pH control is used to maintain an acid free solution. The water softening ability deters formation of mineral deposits Inhibitor systems are available in various forms such as
Product Description:

pH control and water softening ability. Potassium dichromate is added to antifreeze antiboil as a corrosion inhibitor.  The pH control is used to maintain an acid free solution.  The water softening ability deters formation of mineral deposits Inhibitor systems are available in various forms such as coolant filter elements, liquid and dry bulk inhibitor additives and as an integral part of permanent antifreeze.

Product Application:

Antifreeze with Potassium Chromate solution is most popular antifreeze to add in chilled water for prevention of ice formation. In general  GLYCOL only prevent formation of ice in chiller water system, while presence of  Potassium dichromate in antifreeze resulting as a corrosion inhibitor.  And its water softening properties prohibit mineral deposits in systems.

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