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    We assist Tanker Operators with :
  • Chemical Tank Cleaning
  • During changeover from DPP cargoes to various CPP cargoes
  • Removal of MTBE residues
  • Cleaning from Carbon Black feedback to Molasses or palm oil
  • Tank Cleaning Advice with full Tank cleaning
  • Delivery of all machine chemical to INDIAN
  • Delivery RNOL wall wash test kits
  • Supervision during the cleaning at sea by our experience supervisors.

Rx-Sol Marine Chemicals products, Tank Cleaning and Cooling Water based treatment Chemicals Products Company

Marine Chemicals Products Company

    Our Products
  • Tank Cleaning Chemicals
  • Water Based Chemicals
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Fuel Oil Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Maintenance Chemicals
  • Evaporator Treatment
  • Other Tank Cleaning Solvent

Tank Cleaning Chemicals Products Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals Products Water Based Chemicals Products Maintenance Chemicals Products
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