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we have the several silent Features which make us the differnt from the others


Repair Cost Due to its higher concentration nature, effects cleaning properties rapidly (less time required)and total required quantity is very less (cost effective) Due to its dilution ratio, requires more quantity to clean objects also require more time, ultimately resulting in higher costs.
Repair Quality Resulting good quality, scrapping not required Scraping required that will affect motor / valuable parts of the system
Response to query / follow up
Prompt response
N. A..
Packing Standard
  Packed in yellow Color new advance formulated H.M.HDPE carboys
Packed in general jerry cans.
  Sealed with advance technology for controlling and prohibiting any adulteration. Each and every drum having specific batch no. for future record.
Normal wire seal.
Delivery facility Ready stock at Kandla / Mumbai / JNPT / Kolkatta / Haldia / Paradip / Chennai / Manglore / Vizag & FUJAIRAH (Dubai). Have to make of transfer as per order
  24 Hours x 7 Days One email at affects all branch delivery / service instruction.
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Value added services
  Discount applicable for our listed customer

Deliver up to destination facility Provide full technical support

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