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Product Short Description: Peracetic acid is an environmentally safe and versatile anti-microbial agent and a powerful antioxidant
Product Description:

Peracetic acid supplier and Exporter from INDIA.

A water like clear & colorless liquid. An aqueous equilibrium solution containing peracetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and special stabilizers. This product is considered environmentally safe since it decomposes to acetic acid and oxygen. Acetic acid is completely biodegradeable.

Product Application:

Sanitizer in breweries, beverage, juices, food processing and equipment : meat, bakery, poultry, sea food and disinfection in hospital (facility sanitization)

Product Dose:
Formula                                       : CH3COOOH
CAS NO.                                      : 79-21-0
Synonyms                                   : Peracetic acid, Acetyl Hydroperoxide
Molecular weight                        : 76.05 g/mole
Physical and Chemical properties:
Form          : Liquid
Color          :Clear, Colorless
Odor          :Strong purgent
Product Note:
Product performance : Best if used within 12 months and stored at 35ºC MAX
Test Method : Determination of the concentration by titration with Sodium Thiosulphate.
Handling & Storage
Safe handling advice : Never return unused material to storage receptacle. Avoid exposure. Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation. Wear suitable protective clothes. Open drum/container carefully. Content may be under pressure
Technical measures/Precautions : Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Keep away from combustible material. Protect from Contamination. Do not heat over +30 oC
Storage : Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Store in original container equipped with a vent.
Incompatible products : Metal chlorides, bases, reducing agents, organic materials, contamination.
Spills clean up : Dam up. Flush very dilute solution into sewer with plenty of water. Never return spills in original containers for reuse.
Product Technical Specification:
 Characteristics   Unit  Specifications  Test    Method
Peracetic acid  %w/w        15 min TPL QCWK-6002
H2O2 %w/w          9-12 TPL QCWK-6001
Active Oxygen %w/w         8 min TPL QCWK-6003
Acetic acid %w/w        35 min TPL QCWK-6004
pH of 1% solution      -       3.0 max TPL QCWK-1002
Sp.Gravity @25 + 1๐ C      -       1.0 min TPL QCWK-1009
Color   H.U       15 max TPL QCWK-1008
Appearance      -         Clear TPL QCWK-1008
Formula                      : CH3COOOH
CAS NO.                     : 79-21-0
Synonyms                 : Peracetic acid, Acetyl Hydroperoxide
Molecular weight     : 76.05 g/mole
Physical and Chemical properties:
Form              : Liquid
Color             : Clear, Colorless
Odor              : Strong purgent

Oxidizing agent, causes severe burns. May cause fire. Harmful by Inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.


 Product:              Peracetic Acid (15% Concentration)
                             (Organic Peroxide Type F, Liquid (Peroxyacetic Acid, Stabilised)
CAS No.:              79-21-0
TDS:                     Attached for your kind reference
This product is used in:
Disinfecting & sterilizing equipment and packaging food quality and safety.
Protecting animal health and welfare by disinfecting houses and equipment.
Providing PAA for the final treatment step in Wastewater purification.
Cleaning and disinfecting Industrial laundries used by hospitals and hotels.
Washing fruits, vegetables and meats to protect against harmful pathogens and food spoilage without impacting the food quality.
Oxygenating soil through Irrigation systems in the Agricultural Industry.
Protecting against biofouling in Paper production.  

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