Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Iron in Water RXSOL-62-6271-001 Test Kit For Water-62 Test for Iron in water
Alt Arsenic Test in Water RXSOL-62-6310-001 Test Kit For Water-62 Arsenic Test in Water with blue colour appearance.
Alt Lead Test Kit RXSOL-62-1945-001 Test Kit For Water-62 Lead Test Kit results a deep orange colour indicates the presence of lead.
Alt Hydrogen Peroxide 50% 30 Kg RXSOL-68-1990-030 Metal Treatment-68 In industry, hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations is used as a bleach for textiles and paper,
Alt Sodium Sulphite (sulfite) Anhydrous RXSOL-31-1305-051 Swimming Pool & Spa-31 Oxygen removal from feed Water
Alt Poly aluminum Chloride 50 Kg. PWD RXSOL-40-4095-050 Sewage Chemicals Treatment-40 Poly aluminum Chloride 50 Kg. PWD
Alt 1,3 DibromoPropane RXSOL-69-5960-050 Stains Indicator Reagents-69 1,3 DibromoPropane
Alt Cobalt Sulphate RXSOL-94-1809-025 Agriculture-94 Cobalt Sulphate
Alt Cobalt Cathode RXSOL-35-1809-001 Railway Maintenance-35 Cobalt Cathode
Alt Cobalt Metal RXSOL-68-1809-025 Metal Treatment-68 Cobalt acetate is a powerful oxidation catalyst